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Make your product Flare aware.

What if you could protect your users while they use your app or connected hardware? Flare enables organizations to rapidly deploy award-winning user protection within their existing user experience and gain valuable insights into incidents and risk across their entire user base, anywhere in the world.

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Flare Platform

We help keep your users safe.

Your users don't even have to know Flare is there until their moment of need. Flare seamlessly integrates with your existing user experience.

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Raise Driver Awareness

Automatically alert any nearby vehicle drivers that your users or employees are nearby, greatly reducing the chances of incidents occurring.

Incident Detection & Alerting

Accurately detect incidents such as crashes, falls and more and automate your alerting process in real-time. Powered by our industry leading machine learning algorithms.

Reporting and Trend Analysis

Flare offers powerful insights and visualisations across all of your integrated devices. Understand incidents and risk like never before.

Our customers love Flare

"Flare allows us to better understand the risk to our couriers and provides clear information on where, why and when incidents are happening across our global fleet of over 150 thousand riders."
Christina Lewis
"With Flare, our users benefit from always on safety, built into our bike rental schemes across the UK. It was easy to integrate and we now have a better understanding of any incidents that occur across our fleet"
Phil Ellis
CEO at Beryl
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Flare Stand-alone


Quickly benefit from the protection that Flare provides. The Flare mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Incident detection and prevention directly in your app

Benefit from incident detection and prevention via our SDK and API, allowing your products and services to offer enhanced safety, powered by Flare.

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Founder at Company
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Jessica Smith
Founder at Company

Why do customers use Flare?

Incident Detection

Get help, even if you can't. Our award winning incident detection accurately identifies incidents and prevents false alerts.

Incident Avoidance

Flare automatically alerts nearby vehicle drivers whenever you are nearby and classed as a vulnerable road user (i.e. cycling).

Incident Alerting

Get help fast, the Flare platform creates and manages emergency alerts and offers powerful SOS and live location sharing features.

Flare Analytics

Understand where, when and why incidents are happening.

Understand real-time risk

Flare delivers real-time information to your dashboards so that operation teams can quickly identify and react to changing risk conditions that can adversely affect the safety of your users.

Analyse and export

Understand how the risk profile to your users changes over time and easily identify trends (such as seasonality) that can help you implement pro-active safety measures. Work more closely with key stakeholders by sharing reports and insights directly from the flare platform.

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