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Mobility Safety

Flare is a safety intelligence company built around three pillars of protection:

Incident Avoidance

Our global, low-latency network allows the anonymous exchange of vehicle and vulnerable road user data in real-time.

Incident DetectionFlare can detect if an incident has occurred with an accuracy of 99.99969% making it the most accurate i

Our incident detection is available as an SDK and API allowing it to be added to your existing applications and connected devices.

Incident Response

React quickly to verified incident signals and offer enhanced safety compared to your competitors.

“Flare can deliver powerful insights and trends for anyone that needs a better understanding of safety and risk.”
Kirk Ryan
Founder & CEO,
“Flare can enable you to understand what, why and how incidents and other safety issues are happening on the roads.”
James Duffy
Founder & COO,
“Right from the start of our working relationship, Flare has been focused on how their product can best reflect the needs of riders”
Christina Lewis
Global Rider Partnerships and Engagement,

Flare Stand-Alone

Automatic protection made easy!

Discreetly raise SOS Alerts with Voice, Tap or Touch activation
Flare-Aware Network
Secure and anonymous sharing of a vulnerable road users location to nearby drivers
Protect your users by alerting them if there are any hazardous conditions along their route.

Flare Aware

A global network of real-time vulnerable road users for the purposes of raising awareness and incident prevention.

Contribute to the network
Easily and anonymously share the real-time location updates of vulnerable road users
Consume from the network
Inform drivers of a nearby vulnerable road user in order to raise awareness
Analyse Risk
Understand key metrics such as frequency of near passes, and potential elevated risk signals

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